Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Spankings: Pastor James Speaks

Hello Everyone :)

Its been awhile and I'm glad to be back. The kids are back in school, fall is in the air and it is a great time to lay back, relax and read a book :) If you haven't read Savannah's Surrender yet there is no time like the present. If you know anyone considering DD or who enjoys reading about it, it would be a great book to share too.

I just finished reading PK Corey's Cassie box set and I loved reading about Cassie's adventures. She sure does know how to get herself in all kinds of trouble! You can get it here: Cassie Box Set :)

Right now I'm read Caia Fox's book Back Where We Belong. She wrote it along with Alana Hart. Is it is currently available for $.99 or for free on kindle unlimited! It is a full length book and that's a steal. Get your copy here: Back Where We Belong :)

I've been writing again too and I'm almost done with a short story about one of Savannah's lapses in judgement :)- Come back Wednesday to learn more about that on WIP it Wednesday! 

Today I'm going to share an excerpt from Savannah's Surrender.  Hilton and Savannah are meeting with Pastor James and his wife, Mrs. Marilyn, for the first time. 

They have both told their sides of the reasons behind their marital discord and now the pastor is going to give him his opinion of the problem.

“You know, Hilton, there is one underlying issue I can see in both of your stories. The problems you and Savannah are experiencing are very common ones these days,” Pastor James announced. “I’ve seen these very same problems cause many marriages to fall apart over the years. There is really no gentle way to say this, so here goes. Hilton, you do not have control of your wife or your household. You are not running a Godly home. There are very specific roles for husbands and wives in the bible. God has charged husbands to be the head of their households since the beginning of time. The simple solution to your troubled marriage is for you, Hilton, to become the leader God has called you to be. You are both trying to be in charge and that is causing conflict. A power struggle per se."  

What's the power balance in your home? 
Are you happy with it? 

Want to learn more about Hilton and Savannah? Get your copy of Savannah's Surrender here:

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Savannah's Surrender is based on a true story. It tells a tale of a married couple, Hilton and Savannah Fields, who are enduring some marital discord.

Hilton walked out on Savannah over six months ago. After numerous attempts to resolve their issues on their own with little progress Hilton decided it was time to call it quits. He was convinced that Savannah was just too stubborn and she was never going to be willing to compromise on anything. It wasn’t what he wanted but he had tried everything to fix things, finally reaching his breaking point he told Savannah he was filing for a divorce.

Savannah was devastated. She wanted her husband back but she wasn't going to let him tell her how or what to do. She talks Hilton into trying Christian marriage counseling as a final attempt to save their crumbling marriage. Savannah’s confident that the pastor will show Hilton the error of his ways.

Hilton and Savannah are both shocked when Pastor James suggests that they adopt a Domestic Discipline lifestyle. He instructs Hilton to become the head of his household and recommends that he starts spanking Savannah’s bottom if she disobeys him or becomes disrespectful. Pastor James ensures the couple that Hilton taking charge of their marriage will quickly put an end to their discord.

Will Hilton spank Savannah? Can Domestic Discipline save their failing marriage?


  1. I agree with the pastor's assessment. Marriages, like soup, can be spoiled if too many people try to take charge. One HoH, one cook. A simple recipe.

    1. Me too Kathryn:) Pastor James refers to it as vice president and CEO but same principle.

  2. As long as the man is man enough to do it having him be in control is heaven.

    Thank you so much for the shout out for the Cassie Box Set - I'm so glad you liked them.

    1. Very true PK. When they man up it is heaven but inconsistency hurts.

      Your welcome for the shout out. They were very enjoyable:)

  3. Hi Lillyanna, I think that the pastor is right about one of the lovers having to be the HoH. Thank you for the great snippet.



    1. Hi Nina:) I know Jordan having the final say has eliminated a lot bickering in our home. Don't get me wrong though.. somethings are worth fighting with the boss over:)- I'm just more selective about my battles!

  4. Ooh, glad you're writing more to their story--sounds fun!

    1. Thanks Renee:) Savannah has no problem getting herself into trouble:)-

  5. Great to see you back Lillyana. Enjoyed the excerpt, I agree with the pastor too. Looking forward to hearing more about your short story.


    1. Thanks Roz:) I will be sharing more Wednesday!

  6. I do love a book based on a true story and look forward to reading more on Wednesday :)