Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Corner Time

Corner time is an agreed upon punishment in Jordan and I's Domestic Discipline agreement. The following is an excerpt from the contract section of my upcoming book, "To Love, Honor and Obey...?" which will be released no later than May!!!

  1. Corner time: Savannah Fields will stand face first in the corner with no distractions for a length of time determined by Hilton Fields that will fit the offense committed. Corner time may be carried out in any room at any time that Hilton Fields deems necessary or appropriate. Corner time maybe conducted clothed or unclothed as determined by the HOH.  Savannah Fields understands that the length and style in which corner time is carried out is solely up to the HOH and that any misbehavior during corner time will result in an additional consequences of Hilton Fields’s choosing, most likely a spanking. 
Typically Jordan uses corner time mid spanking between sets of strikes. Occasionally I have been sent to the corner at the end of a spanking and a  few times I've had to stand in the corner before one. Jordan has done that in instances where he doesn't feel like I'm in the right mindset for a punishment. Standing in the corner allows me to think about why I am being punished and what I can do differently in the future to prevent it. Although at first I thought it would feel too childish at first, corner time has become an effective part of our dynamic.
The following is a short excerpt of a corner time punishment in the book...
I held her hand and led her to the corner of our bedroom instructing her on exactly what to do and how I wanted her to position herself in the corner. “I want you to stand in the corner Savannah. From now on when I tell you stand in the corner I want your head touching the wall and your hands clasped behind your back. I want your legs spread a little more than shoulder width apart and I want your punished bottom stuck out.” I assisted her into my requested position. She willingly cooperated. I patted her on the bottom, whispering “Good girl”  before I kissed her on the head and left her in the corner as I returned to the chair.
Savannah looked so vulnerable and beautiful standing in the corner. I was so proud of her for obeying my commands and submitting so willingly to me. Her virgin bottom already looked extremely red and sore. I desperately wanted to end the spanking right then  and take her to bed to  fuck her.
How does corner time work in your TTWD or DD arrangement? Is it a punishment you find effective?


  1. We haven't used cornertime much. When we have, it's more of a submission exercise than part of a punishment. Steve mainly uses it when he's working a lot of hours and I need the reinforcement to keep in my submissive mindset. He'll text and tell me to go to the corner for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. On the rare occasion, he'll use it as a temporary punishment measure until he gets the time to actually carry out a punishment.

    1. Thanks for sharing Dana. I agree that obeying your HOH and standing in the corner is a big show of submission. It definitely helps get me into an obedient mindset.

  2. Hi Lillyanna, corner time is part of punishments here too. Sometimes it is just a sort of exercise, maybe like Dana says, to keep me in the right mindset. But usually it happens either right before or after a spanking, to reflect on something I have done and how to improve my behaviour. For me, the most important reason why corner time is good is an emotional one, though. Sometimes punishments are really upsetting me and then I need this time to calm down. So, it is important for me, though when it is taken as a punishment on its own, it is just a boring time in the corner. Works too.

    Wishing you a Happy Easter.



    1. Happy Easter to you too Ni Na! Its going to be your first year with your new little one. That is very exciting. Our children are 5 and 6 this year and are very excited about the Easter Bunny coming tonight :) Enjoy your day!

  3. Is it odd that I feel jealous of your corner time?! Ugg...

    No corner time being used here =) I respond to boundaries and limits- I really feel that corner time offers that.

    XOXO Pearl

    1. Aww Pearl :/ I can relate to your feelings of jealousy. There have been times when DD have virtually been non existent around here to and during those times it is very hard for me to read about others whom DD is seemingly going very well. Jordan has his moments but I have been there and I totally understand how you feel. Best of luck and (hugs)!

      <3 Lilly