Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for Implements

Implements:any physical item that can be used to achieve a goal.

Spanking Implements:any object used to strike the spankee's buttocks. Some are exclusively manufactured for this purpose, such as a cane, flogger or punishment paddle. Improvised household items, such as a hairbrush, leather belt or ruler, are also frequently used for spanking.


My favorite implement is Jordan's hand :)

Believe me when I tell you though... he can make a hand spanking very painful when he wants to!
My least favorite spanking implement is the tilt wand AKA Twister :/
Some other implements in our 'arse'sonal are....
The leather paddle. My 1st choice of implement next to Jordan's hand :) It can be used to create a nice warm sting for Good Girl spankings or it can be applied with extra force and create a red hot punished bottom.
 This picture was taken after a firm application of the leather paddle!
The "Paddle Ball"

I picked this up at the dollar store one day. It creates a very intense surface sting!
The wooden spoon
The wooden spoon is a very common implement. We used it often in the beginning of DD but we don't use it often anymore because it usually bruises me pretty bad.
My hairbrush

Jordan occasionally will spank with my hairbrush. It creates a deep pain and it is difficult for me to tolerate. So, if the brush comes out, Jordan means business!
A whip

This is a play toy that we have had for years way before DD. It comes out during play time or when I'm getting a nice massage. I love the sting it creates but it isn't really punishment material.
A nonspanking implement that Jordan is fond of is our plug.
Thankfully it is small! Anal play/punishments is something that was most certainly on my NO WAY list before DD. DD has helped me learn to enjoy sex (I was brought up being taught sex was dirty) and become more adventurous. The plug has a way of creating instant submissiveness! It is used for punishment and play and either way it really pushes my limits and makes things more intense.
What is your favorite least favorite implement?



  1. My least favorite implement is the wooden spoon we have in the kitchen with the rounded back. So ouchy. So stingy!

    1. Hi Sub Hub. I completely agree those spoons can be nasty!

  2. My least favorite is the whip. It's not like the one's you buy in the sex stores. This one I hand made for her to use on me. The whip is made of leather boot laces and is quite ouchy.

    1. Yikes.. a bit much for me. You must have a high pain tolerance!

  3. Implements is such a perfect "I" word! Thank you for sharing some of your favorites and less favored

  4. Hi Lillyana, great array of implements. We don't have a tilt wand, but we have something similar and it hurts like the dickens. Thankfully, it isn't used often. I bruise with the wooden spoon too, depending on how it is used. Leather is my favourite.


    1. I like leather too. We just have the leather paddle. Jordan doesn't like using a belt. Bad childhood experiences with it but he has used it lightly a few times and it felt wonderful <3

  5. Oh I HATE the hairbrush soooo much. Love the picture of your bright red bottom!