Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for Extra


extra: beyond or more than what is usual, expected, or necessary; additional: an extra copy of a newspaper; an extra charge.

Sometimes extra can be a good thing... extra credit, extra hot fudge:)~


But in DD, for me anyways, extra is not a good thing...

In a Domestic Discipline aspect extra typically means...
EXTRA spanks!

I've earned myself extra spanks for several different things.
The most common being reaching back to protect my bottom or trying to squirm away during a spanking. Typically after a warning or two, Jordan will spank my thighs (which hurts super bad!!! to me anyways) until I stop guarding or squirming.
Another thing that has earned me extra spanks is refusing to get into position to be spanked. This was more of a problem when Jordan was extremely fond of the tilt wand, aka twister. I really struggled with bending over pillows or the edge of the bed when I knew that I was getting strikes with that. Jordan even began telling me how many it was going to be to help me get through it but it didn't help. It actually made things worse because if it started out as 10 and I was disobedient he would add an additional 5 until I obeyed. You can read one of those instances here I let you slide.... Thankfully we haven't been using the twister lately and Jordan has been good about warm ups and submitting to spankings at least in the beginning has been easier.
What earns you EXTRA spanks?





  1. Sassy mouth gets me every single time...

  2. Hi Lillyana, sorry I am behind in commenting here, it's been a busy weekend and hard to find space to visit blogland.

    I am really enjoying your A -Z posts. We have a plastic pole thingee that I imagine is very similar to a tilt wand. It hurts like blazers and I always struggle with it.

    my mouth is probably the thing that earns me extra too. Along with shifting out of position.


    1. Hi Roz:) No worries! I hope it was a good busy.

  3. I will squirm or even worse: move my hand to protect myself

    1. Guilty of both! Thanks for commenting:)

  4. Hi Lillyanna, it is the mouth for me too. Talking back and starting all over again when I am upset. Warnings? Yes, I get them, do I listen? .... Not always.



    1. Hi Nina:) starting all the way over... Yikes! I'm glad Jordan doesn't do that. Great insentive to behave though:)-