Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is for Just Do As You're Told...

 Just do as you're told is one of Jordan's favorite bossy things to say.
If I'm angry it really irks me! But most of the time it is said playfully.
Possibly what he is thinking but he is never that harsh lol :)~
If it's serious it often looks something like this... Jordan lecturing,
beside himself with why we are having the same issues
over and over and me with my angry tuff girl
stance. Pretty comical when you sit down and try to put the situation into words.
This is one of Jordan's favorites during his lecturing and many
 times during an actual punishment spanking.
I always get a giggle out of this when I see it :)~
What is your HOH's saying?


  1. My husband says: "are you questioning me?". It's another way to say just do as you're told

    1. Hi Cammies, I haven't gotten that one before. But Jordan does do the huh excuse me what did you say :)-

  2. LoL at the eCard. Oh yes, I've heard the same from Rick many times lol. Along with "are you questioning me" and "you wil ...".


  3. Funny eCard! The one he uses and which would be closest to 'are you questioning me' is his way of saying (not really asking) 'Who's Boss?!'

  4. I have been married 24 years and together 28.... the line would not work with me, BUT husband always looks astounded when I am proven right... (I am not always right)
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