Friday, April 17, 2015

O is for Obey

When Jordan and I got married I customized our entire wedding. I picked out every single reading. When I was searching for wedding vows one of the most important things I was looking for was to make sure it included to love, honor and obey. When I look back to that time I find it odd that including "obey" was so important to me but if I'm honest, truthfully, I knew I wanted a husband who was going to lead and take care of me.


I didn't have that though. Jordan rarely stood up to me prior to DD. I'd push wanting him to stand strong and he would crumble, go with the flow, do what I wanted. I made the decisions. I controlled our money. I made our plans. Until... we had our children. Then he wasn't as willing to compromise. Even though that's what I thought I wanted when he started resisting my decisions it made me angry. I had grown accustomed to running things. 
Relinquishing control wasn't easy once we agreed to DD. It took time and many spankings but I would do it all over again. Honestly I wish we had of started our relationship off that way. Our marriage is so much stronger since we've started living it the way God intended us to.  

I totally agree with Candace...

If I renewed my wedding vows today, to love, honor and obey would still be an integral part of what I would want to say. Would you vow to OBEY?


  1. What a lovely post Lillyana :)


  2. Hi Lillyanna, wonderful post! I also have vowed love, honour and obey. That came as part of the hubby-package and we had agreed before marriage that he'd lead. I don't know if it makes me weak, but I do know that it feels so good and right this way for me. Others will have it their way, and I can only say that this is the most loving and strongest relationship I have ever known.



    1. Ni Na I don't think obeying your husband is weak. I know that it isn't.

      A quote from my book,

      "Not only that, submission is now seen as a weakness in society. It is inevitable that as your relationship dynamic changes those that are closest to you will notice. They will probably tease or maybe even ridicule you for allowing Hilton to control you, but I can promise you Savannah, I know from experience that it actually takes a very strong woman to make the sacrifice of submission. Once you choose submission you will clearly see that living equally is a much easier hence weaker path.”

      I'm so happy that you are loved and you gift of submission is appreciated <3