Monday, March 30, 2015


 Kenzie asked:

Is there anything you thought you'd never try, but then tried it and found you liked it? (Vanilla, kink, or both!)

Yes. There are lots of things that we have tried since beginning DD that I never thought I would try before. Jordan has always been more sexually experimental. For me the most surprising thing we have dipped our toes into that I never thought I would has been anal play. Jordan would like to take our experimenting all the way to anal sex but I’m not open to that… yet : )~

Thanks for asking Kenzie!

Jay asked:

  1. What made you happy when you were younger?
  2. What makes you happy now?
  3. What do you think will make you happy in the future?
  4. Do any of these answers change if you get married? If you have children?

In general.. Making others happy has always brought me the most joy!

  1. When I was young I think having fun and playing with friends made me happy.

2. Now I am happiest enjoying time with my children and family.

3. In the future I think my happiness will come from the same. My family and children. Hopefully Grandchildren someday : )
4. I am married but I think my source of happiness changed some with marriage. The majority of my free time became filled with time with my husband and because of that the majority of my happiness came from bringing him happiness too.
5. When I had children my focus shifted from mostly on my husband to my children. ( Not a good thing necessarily. ) Overtime as they have gotten over the totally dependent state my happiness comes from all of us being together as a family and having fun together.
Thanks for asking Jay. By the way I am 31.

Anonymous asked:

Why domestic discipline? I see you have an element of Christianity in your arrangement. Do you believe in the “Spanking for Jesus” thing.

This is a harder question which I may devote an entire post to at a later time. But in short….

 We do DD because it works for us and keeps our home happy and our relationship on good terms.

We do not “Spank for Jesus”.  We believe that there are God given job descriptions for both husbands and wives and DD helps us maintain our roles.                                        

Last but not least, a question for you guys. Did any of you check out Caia Fox?  What did you think?

Thursday, March 19, 2015



I wanted to share the great news with all of you... I submitted, my first book, "To Love Honor and Obey...." to a publisher.  Jordan and I are anxiously awaiting their thoughts. I invite you to enjoy a small sneak peak.

To Love Honor and Obey..., tells a tale of a married couple, Hilton and Savannah Fields, who are enduring some marital discord.

Hilton walked out on Savannah over six months ago. After numerous attempts to resolve their issues on their own with no progress Hilton decided it was time to call it quits. Savannah was too stubborn and she wasn't going to compromise on anything.  He was ready to file for divorce.

Savannah was devastated. She wanted her husband back but she wasn't going to let him tell her how and what to do. She talked Hilton into trying Christian marriage counseling believing that the pastor would surely take her side.

Savannah and Hilton are both shocked when Pastor James suggests that they adopt a Domestic discipline lifestyle. The pastor recommends that Hilton starts spanking Savannah’s bottom if she disobeys or becomes disrespectful. He ensures them that Hilton gaining control of Savannah and his home will quickly end their discord.

Will Hilton spank Savannah? Can Domestic Discipline save their failing marriage?

Now I was having second thoughts. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was even getting myself into. The last few times I had seen Hilton his new air of authority had been both frightening and surprisingly arousing. His bossiness was sort of sexy and his promises of consequences really thrilled me at times.
 Now it was going to be for real though…  it was not just "threats" anymore. According to the “new” Hilton they were never threats anyways. He said they were promises.
 The thoughts of real punishments didn’t seem to have the same appeal to me as the fantasies. Tomorrow Hilton was going to put actions behind all those threats… or promises as he would say.  Thinking about having my bottom bared and spanked thoroughly didn’t seem sexy at all anymore.
 I was nervous to say the least. I signed a contract. I agreed to allow Hilton to discipline me as he saw fit. Not only spankings… discipline…. The contract included corner time, loss of privileges, writing lines and bedroom time too; basically any punishment that my husband saw fit.
 To get things started, tomorrow night, Hilton’s first night back home, I was getting an initiation spanking. A spanking to wipe away all the wrongs of the past and a preview of what I was in for should I choose to break the rules in the future.
We are very excited and book #2 is in progress :)


I also wanted to take some time to introduce you all to an author that I have come to know a little bit and really enjoy. Mrs. Caia Fox :)

I came across her books after I joined Kindle Unlimited. I was searching for Domestic Discipline stories which I enjoy reading and found her book Discipline & Desire.

I read it.. loved it... and read everything she had out and continue to read her new releases. I really enjoy her writing style and her naughty tales.

I found her blog and reached out to her by email. I've enjoyed chatting with her and trading ideas and tips. For those of you who enjoy reading spanking stories I highly recommend checking out her books. Visit her site Join her mailing list for a free story and receive notifications when she has new releases. For those of you with Kindle Unlimited... Great news! You can read all of her books for free.  Happy Reading :)~

Reading may cause excessive heat and wetness!

Last but not least I have enjoyed reading many questions and answers this month. It has been great to learn more about all of you! Now.. I invite you to ask questions to get to know more about Jordan and I. Ask away...


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Paddle Ball...

Hi Blog-land. I know I’ve disappeared for a while. I attempted many entries but just never posted.

Sometimes it just feels as though when things aren’t going as planned there isn’t much to say and I don’t really belong.

Jordan and I are still at odds with where we want to be with DD.

He stills wants to lead but has backed down quite a bit on that too.

We were into erotic spanking for a while. I liked it. It was sexy…. But it didn’t fulfill that need I have.

I think I’ve finally figured out myself what exactly it is that I “need”.

I think I desire discipline not necessarily “spanking”.

Honestly I think I NEED it to feel loved… to feel grounded... to feel safe.

Last week I found a great simple blog post by Jason’s girl that spelled it out perfectly. A concrete example that even helped me realize what it was exactly that I was looking for. Read it yourself here…domestic-discipline-why-punished.html

I sent the post to Jordan. He opened the email but never said anything.

I’ve seen an increase in his HOHiness since though. He’s been giving those warning glares again but there haven’t been any punishments or lectures.

I even let him know to fulfill that “need” I don’t think it would even have to be a spanking. I honestly think any consequence/punishment would work (of course my preference is spanking). But I’ve done my fair share of testing with no response.

Last night Jordan surprised me and came to bed with our wooden paddle. I bought it a while back at the dollar store and left it out for him hinting that I wanted a spanking. It had been so long that I had forgotten all about it.

He began some “heavy petting” and once I was nice and wet he ordered me over some pillows. He warmed my bottom nicely with his hands before moving onto the paddle. Other than the wooden spoon (which bruises me badly) we had never used any wooden implements so the experience was new for us.

Jordan experimented with different strength strokes while monitoring my response before settling into a nice rhythm of covering my bottom with sharp moderate whacks mixed with more gentle ones centered over my most intimate places. He had me soaking and squirming in no time.

The spanking stopped and I felt his fingers exploring my sex bringing me almost to the brink before stopping abruptly while he positioned himself on his knees behind me. I expected him to enter me so I was surprised to feel him squirt cool lube down my crack. I knew what was coming next and sure enough his fingers explored my slit before centering in and testing my bottom hole (his opinion of ultimate submission). I tried my best to remain relaxed and submit to his touch but as he attempted to enter I tensed.

Jordan retrieved the paddle and rained fiery hard spanks all over my already reddened bottom, thoroughly reminding me that I was his to touch as he pleased.   I received 10x the paddling I had gotten initially.  I tried covering my bottom and squirming out of place but the more I struggled the firmer he held me in place and the harder he spanked. Once fully chastised and submissive I gave up fighting and stayed still accepting of his spanking and open to his touch.

Jordan continued spanking. Once convinced I was done resisting he returned to his task between my hot cheeks. Alternating between openings he played mercilessly. Suddenly there was a different sensation at my entrance and Jordan quickly inserted our butt plug and immediately plunged into me from behind.

The sex was incredible… so much more fulfilling for me than our usual vanilla.

Being dominated and topped sexually brings me satisfaction like nothing else can.

But there is still that unfulfilled need…. That part of me that says the sex was amazing but that’s all it was… sex. The spanking was play. It wasn’t real and for whatever reason I long to be disciplined.

I need Jordan to “care enough” to tan my butt for being out without my phone charged or for forgetting to take my medicine or rolling my eyes at him and stomping away while he is talking to me. For him to “love me enough” to do whatever it takes to keep me safe and in my place and I’m not sure if that is ever something he will ever be able to understand.  

I must say though that the dollar store paddle was a great investment. It creates a sting that lasts and left no marks. My bottom is still nice and sore this morning and that soreness keeps me wet and wanting:)-