Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Don’t Like Your Attitude….

“Lillyanna, I don’t like your attitude. I think it’s timed we fix it.”  Jordan scolded. “Your patients just aren’t there Lilly.”

It took every ounce of submission I had not to laugh and roll my eyes at him. This was the third day in a row Jordan had commented on my “attitude”. Nothing had been done about it up until this point and I didn’t expect tonight to be any different. The evening continued as usual. My attitude was gaining force as the hours passed by. My mood was sassy and sarcastic and other than a few warning glares Jordan took no action.

After the kids were asleep I entered our bedroom to turn in for the night and I found Jordan sitting on the edge of the bed. Beside him I saw various implements. He opened his arms for me to come to him. I stood in the door way out of his reach.

“I don’t want a spanking anymore Jordan,” I hissed. “This whole DD thing is a joke!” I walked over to my side of the bed and got in. Typically I lay on my side but I needed to protect my bottom just in case so I was on my back.

“You don’t decide when you get a spanking Lilly,” Jordan said sternly while turning himself towards me in the bed. “I am the boss around here!!! I think you may have forgotten your role! Now I suggest you make a good choice and position yourself for a spanking!.”

I knew he was right. I needed a spanking. I needed to be reminded of my role. I needed it three days ago! My submissiveness wasn’t there and I was angry about his inconsistency. Jordan doesn’t play fair. He lets me get way out of control before he intervenes. I’ve told him I needed him to step up sooner. Act as soon as he notices an “attitude” problem. So in my mind it was his fault I was acting this way.

“Ok Lillyanna Rose. Have it your way. Now instead of a reset you will be punished,” Jordan scolded as he stood retrieving something from our drawer of toys.

Before I even realized what was happening he was on his knees next to be trying to turn me over to spank my bottom. I resisted as much as I could.

“OK,” He snarled. “You want to fight me… then we will do it this way,” he growled as he lifted both my legs with his chiseled arms.

“No!!!” I cried out. “Not like this. I promise I will turn over Jordan. Please!”

Jordan had me in the diaper position and it was humiliating.  I never saw it coming. I had no idea he even knew a thing about this position. I pleaded with him while he rained sharp slaps all over my taught bottom. My pussy was exposed to him and he spanked that too.

When he was satisfied with the warm up he caressed my warm cheeks, ran his fingers along my slit and commented about how wet I was.

Sometimes I hate how my body betrays me. I didn’t like it. I shouldn’t  have been wet!

“Since this is now a punishment Lilly, you will not be permitted to cum,” Jordan said happily. “But that doesn’t mean that I won’t bring you to the brink… repeatedly, he giggled. “I love this position. Such perfect views of that wet pussy and hot ass.”

Jordan relentlessly teased my pussy fingering me in-between spanks and caresses.  When I neared my peaked he covered my bottom thoroughly with strikes of the leather paddle. The sting was so much more severe than I was used to with my bottom stretched taught the way he was holding me. It didn’t take long for me to start squirming and pleading with him to stop.

Suddenly I felt three harsh whacks with the tilt wand across my sit spots. Quickly I felt the paddle being rubbed over my sore cheeks again.

“Lillyanna you know better than to squirm! 10 more and keep still or you will get three more with the twister and we will start the 10 over.” Crack… “Do you understand me?”

“Yes sir,” I whined but remained still. Tears started running down my face and I lost count. I was relieved when I felt his hand caressing me. Suddenly two fingers thrust into my pussy fucking me in and out. The fingers slid out and Jordan rubbed the wetness on my puckered bottom hole. I clenched instinctively and immediately felt three hard strikes from the tilt wand across the center of my bottom. Soon his fingers returned and I relaxed for him.

Jordan alternated between fingering my pussy and circling my bottom with my wetness. Almost reaching my peak he entered my bottom and began stretching it. Soon the finger was replaced with our small rubber plug and he fucked my bottom in and out with it repeatedly.

“Oh my God Lilly this is so hot!,” Jordan panted. “I think I may come just from touching you,” he said as he rubbed the wooden spoon over my bottom patting my pussy and rectum.

Suddenly I awoke to the sound of the alarm. Unfortunately it was just a dream. Looks like today will be attitude day #4…..


  1. What a very hot dream!
    Let's hope the attitudes disappears and you get some attention!

    1. Thanks Janey :) I do have a naughty imagination:)~

  2. SHIT!
    Horrible that that was a dream (but it was a damn terrific dream!)

    You and I share that same "What does it matter? You aren't looking anyway." sub-deficit. When I start on a smart mouth path and there is no-one stopping me I can turn into a runaway train!

    I know you said that you hate the blind tilt, but it sounds like you need it, I truly hope that you get the boundaries you are looking for.

    XOXO Pearl

    1. PK the dream was amazing :) Now what would make you think I need the tilt wand :)~ The boundaries aren't firm... if they were there would be no use in testing them.

  3. Wow Lilly, that was some dream! I know exactly what you mesn. My attitude gets away from me if left unchecked. I hope you get the attention you need soon.


    1. Thanks Roz♡ I don't want the attention anymore.. if you know what I mean.

  4. I did not expect that to be a dream! I hope something similar happens for you soon!

  5. I wish it wasn't a dream Kenzie. We just can't seem to stay on track with DD...

  6. Oh no! It’s only a dream!!!! Lucky you for the diaper position part, because that is so painful and so not awesome. But the rest …. how lovely, well, and hot, of course! So, I hope you have had a great attitude day #4, keeping fingers crossed.