Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Will they ever understand just how much we love, crave, need spankings?

Things have been going well in the Rose household. Super busy but in a good way.  The kids are back in school and between school work and all their extra activities sometimes life feels like a whirlwind.
DD is still with us… lingering in the shadows.
I think I have finally come to understand the statement, “DD is just something we do. It doesn’t define or consume us.” At times it feels like an obsession… like the only thing I can think about. Right now it is just something I know is there and I kind of like it this way.
I needed to take a break from reading, writing and living domestic discipline. The time away has helped.

I have been very well behaved 8)  No sass, no disrespect, no bratting, no nothing and I’m proud of that! That’s the goal of DD isn’t it?


Unfortunately being well behaved means there haven't been any spankings.. and I miss spankings... I think :)-

 I've tried to hint that since I’ve been so good I deserve a “good girl” spanking. Meaning an erotic sensual hand spanking with groping and caressing and wandering fingers in between… and hot passionate sex afterword's.

 But... Jordan just isn’t taking the bate. 

 Sex has been happening but it's been vanilla.

 Not particularly kinky like the naughty kind of girl like me  craves :p


So .... I decided to try to find a way to get Jordan to understand just how much I crave and love his dominance and spankings…. I think I’ve finally come up with a comparison that men can understand! Let me know what you think ;-)




You know how much you love blow jobs?

That’s how much I love spankings. Like you, I crave them and fantasize about them... a lot!


You know how much you like additional tongue action during a BJ?

That’s how much better a spanking feels with caressing and wandering fingers in between spanks. 


You know how much you like to hear me suck you?

That’s how much I love for you to talk to me like a “bad girl” and dominate me during a spanking.


You know how much you like me to suck your cock hard?

That’s how much I love for you to spank hard and make me take it even when I say to stop.


You know how much better the BJ feels when I play with your balls?

That’s how much better it feels when you tease my openings with your fingers in between spanks.


You know how amazing it feels for me to suck your balls?

              That’s how much more intense a spanking feels while plugged.


And you know how much you want to fuck me after a BJ and how incredible that post BJ sex feels?

That’s how amazing sex feels when you slam your cock in me and your body smacks against my hot sore spanked bottom.


And that my love…. Is how much I love erotic spanking:P


  1. LOL! I'm not a guy, but seems like a good comparison ..Let me show Barney and see what he says! LOL

    Good luck with that!

    1. Thanks Wilma♥ Was a fun post to write :p I'm sure Barney enjoyed it!

  2. LoL, great comparison ... hope it works :) glad to hear things are going well for you and Jordan.


  3. New reader here. Very funny (and true) post!!

    I say it is a terrific comparison!! Maybe even take it one step further and say "You know how you would feel if I stopped blow jobs, COLD turkey!?" Either he would get it and give you that good girl spanking or he would change that to a bad girl spanking for threatening to stop blow jobs!!! =)
    XOXO Pearl

    1. Welcome Pearl:) I follow your blog too. I know threatening to stop anything sexual will not end well lol! I've tried that... Jordan read the email but hasn't showed any response. Time will tell:) Thanks for commenting.

    2. I did write a post once comparing lack of complete spankings to blue balls....just sayin' LOL

    3. I will have to look for that Wilma:)

  4. Hi Lilly,

    From the perspective of a man who enjoys both spankings and blow jobs, your comparitive analysis, in the vernacular of sports, hit it out of the park!!


  5. Good stuff Lillyanna. Be careful not to cross that moving border line between Top and bottom! *smile

    Love your blog!

    1. Hi sub hub! I have a bad habit of topping from the bottom lol :)~ Jordan wasn't offended though. He enjoyed the post! Thanks for reading and commenting:) sorry took so long to respond. Haven't blogged in a bit.

  6. Hi Lillyanna, great comparison, if ever the need might be there to explain to hubby just how much I crave good girl spankings, I’d like to borrow this comparison, please.
    I loved to read it and felt for you with the dilemma of being a good girl and not getting the good-girl-spanking you crave. Vanilla stuff is nice, for more variety in flavor, but I’d say sooner or later, the spicy/kinky flavor should have its place on the menu again.



    1. Hi Nina :) sorry I'm responding so late. I haven't blogged in a while. You are welcome to borrow it! I agree vanilla is great but added spice keeps it fun :)~ Thanks for reading!