Monday, March 30, 2015


 Kenzie asked:

Is there anything you thought you'd never try, but then tried it and found you liked it? (Vanilla, kink, or both!)

Yes. There are lots of things that we have tried since beginning DD that I never thought I would try before. Jordan has always been more sexually experimental. For me the most surprising thing we have dipped our toes into that I never thought I would has been anal play. Jordan would like to take our experimenting all the way to anal sex but I’m not open to that… yet : )~

Thanks for asking Kenzie!

Jay asked:

  1. What made you happy when you were younger?
  2. What makes you happy now?
  3. What do you think will make you happy in the future?
  4. Do any of these answers change if you get married? If you have children?

In general.. Making others happy has always brought me the most joy!

  1. When I was young I think having fun and playing with friends made me happy.

2. Now I am happiest enjoying time with my children and family.

3. In the future I think my happiness will come from the same. My family and children. Hopefully Grandchildren someday : )
4. I am married but I think my source of happiness changed some with marriage. The majority of my free time became filled with time with my husband and because of that the majority of my happiness came from bringing him happiness too.
5. When I had children my focus shifted from mostly on my husband to my children. ( Not a good thing necessarily. ) Overtime as they have gotten over the totally dependent state my happiness comes from all of us being together as a family and having fun together.
Thanks for asking Jay. By the way I am 31.

Anonymous asked:

Why domestic discipline? I see you have an element of Christianity in your arrangement. Do you believe in the “Spanking for Jesus” thing.

This is a harder question which I may devote an entire post to at a later time. But in short….

 We do DD because it works for us and keeps our home happy and our relationship on good terms.

We do not “Spank for Jesus”.  We believe that there are God given job descriptions for both husbands and wives and DD helps us maintain our roles.                                        

Last but not least, a question for you guys. Did any of you check out Caia Fox?  What did you think?


  1. These were great questions Lillyana and I love your answers, especially what makes you happy :)


  2. Thank you for answering my questions, Lillyanna! It has been fun getting to know everyone! :-)