Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Marital Fighting:the process of conflict arising between the two parties in a marriage, which can indicate sexual disagreement, child minding differences, temperamental differences and even religious conflict of interests.

So, what can I say about marital fighting and domestic discipline?
For Jordan and I our "fighting" dramatically decreased when we adopted the DD lifestyle. Prior to DD we "fought frequently. We aren't the typical scream at each other fighters though...
I am a distancer...
 and Jordan is very fond of the silent treatment.

 I am extremely grateful that we don't fight very often anymore but sometimes I feel at a loss... 

I have some of the same hurt feelings and frustrations I had prior to DD from time to time but I haven't figured out how to convey them respectfully without causing a fight which now usually ends with me being spanked. Yes I know communicate... But we aren't good communicators and sometimes I don't even understand myself...

Any one out there understand what I mean?
How has DD / TTWD changed the FIGHTING in your relationship?



  1. Not fighting as much is one of the many great benefits of DD. My husband and I don't fight nearly as much as we used to, although, I think that came on before we started doing DD. The early years of our relationship were a bit rocky, but I like to say that we've "learned how to argue better," and it's true!

    1. Congratulations on improved arguing skills Autumn :) Hopefully I will figure it out soon!

  2. Hi Lillyana, we never argued a great deal prior to ttwd and even less so now. I think it's a combination of ttwd bringing us even closer and more connected and greater communication.


    1. That's great Roz ! Definitely something to be proud of:)