Thursday, April 16, 2015

M is for Moody

Lately it seems I've been a bit...
Not necessarily that uncommon for myself or anyone for that matter but due to chronic pain and some of my medications my mood seems to change frequently these days. Sometimes rapidly.
Sometimes is seems as though Jordan is looking at me trying to
 determine exactly which mood I'm in at the time.
My goal is to be happy calm collected wife and mommy.

But sometimes I'm....

Flustered and overwhelmed


Or in pain wife and mommy
Jordan has done very well being patient and understanding about the mood swings. He tries to bring my mood to my attention if it isn't a good one. Sometimes I am able to fix it on my own and sometimes I need his help. What kind of help is a tricky thing to figure out but we are trying. Sometimes it's a hug and some reassuring words. Sometimes it's go lay down for an hour. Sometimes it's some in the moment bend over bare bottom quick swats. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but no matter the case, I appreciate him helping me be the happy, calm, collected wife and mommy I strive to be <3



  1. Hi Lillyanna, I can relate to all of this so well. And the recipes to get rid of the negative moods here are pretty similar too. I am sorry for you having chronic pain and needing medication and hope Jordan is able to help you a lot in the bad moments.



  2. Hi Ni Na. Post baby moods can be pretty difficult too. I guess there are many things that can cause mood swings in women:) And Jordan is very supportive and caring about my chronic illness. Thanks for the well wishes<3