Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G is for...

 Top Definition 
good girl: A bad girl that has never been caught.

I'm sure it will sound childish, but I love it when Jordan says Good Girl to me : )~ Especially if we are having some rough playtime.
Enjoy a sneak peek of a "good girl" scene, from my upcoming book Savannah's Surrender (Name change from To Love Honor and Obey...?)
Instead of pain I felt Hilton’s hand rest softly on my hot bottom and the cool leather of the belt resting against my nether lips. I relaxed when I felt the light stings of the belt gently slapping against my seeping pussy. Hilton tapped the leather gently all over  my lips while occasionally taping the belt against my bottom hole. I never imagined a belt could bring such incredible pleasure. I liked the feeling of the stings against my privates and I raised my bottom giving Hilton better access. “Good girl, I’m glad you like that,” he praised me. I liked him calling me a good girl.
What do you like to hear your Top say?
Hmmm... :)~
That's a good one 8)





  1. Enjoyed this post Lillyana and loved the snippet. Very hot! I love hearing those words too :)