Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for playful

Typically I blog about the negative. Things that end with punishments or spanking. So I decided today I would share the playful side of Jordan and I.

Jordan is a teaser :)~
He likes to joke around and laugh a lot.
He always has a witty comeback.
One of the things he does that I really love is change the words to songs we are listening to.
He turns them into lyrics that fit us.
Sometimes he is silly about it but sometimes it can be really romantic<3
In our free time we like to:

Support our very own little ballerina:)
Our daughter is on her 4th year of dance
and this year is doing 5 total acts for her recital!
Spend time with our little guy on the track.
This is his first year racing:)
Support our favorite Supercross stars, trackside or on TV
In the summer we do lots of car shows.
We have and older style and a new Camaro.
At home we enjoy game nights. We do all kinds of games but Guitar Hero is one of our favorites. I get to feel like a rock star :)~
Tell me something fun about you!

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  1. Loved this Lillyana. Enjoyed learning these fun facts about you and Jordan. Rick loves to tease too and we also enjoy singing together lol. Another thing we enjoy is star gazing. Astronomy is one of his hobbies and I love learning from him.