Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S is for snippet


Please enjoy a snippet of a role affirmation scene from one of my works in progress:)
“Savannah,” I said snuggling into her. “You’re not yourself. I know something isn’t right. You’ve been kind of down like this once in a while lately and I want you to tell me why. What’s going on?”
“I really don’t want to talk about it, she said. “I told you I’m tired. I just want to get some sleep.”
“Hmm is that an attitude I’m hearing,” I questioned her.
“No Sir.”
I placed my hand on her back and gently rubbed her back and bottom. “I can’t let this sullen mood continue my luv. I am going to insist you tell me what is going on. Now, turn around and face me and tell me what’s going on.
She obeyed and turned towards  me. She had tears running down her face. I gently attempted to dry them with my thumb and pulled her into a tight embrace. “Aww Savannah,” I whispered. “It kills me to see you so sad. Come on, talk to me tell me what’s the matter .”
She looked at me with pleading eyes. I knew she really didn’t want to talk.
“Do I need to spank you to get you to talk to me,” I questioned her.
“No Hilton please don’t,” she answered quickly. “That’s the thing. I’m not sure I want to do this anymore.”
What? I thought to myself. That was the last thing I was expecting her to say. I was dumbfounded. Why would she say that? Things had getting been so much better since DD became a part of our lives.  
“Why,” I questioned her confused.
“It’s just… I shouldn’t need this. I shouldn’t need spankings or corner time or any punishments at all for that matter. I’m a grown adult for goodness sake,” she responded starting to sob.
“That’s non sense,” I growled.  “I cannot even believe that we are having this conversation again! We both know how much better things have been for our entire household with DD. Who cares what you  should need. This is what we do. It works. End of story. There are a lot of out couples out there who do this very same thing. We aren’t even going to the I shouldn’t need this place. Now, I want you to turn over flat on your belly right this instant. A good spanking will calm you right down.”
“Please don’t make me…”
“One,” I counted. “Two, three..”
“Ok ok, I’m turning over,” she pouted.
She knew if I got to five it would earn her an additional set of spanks with an unwelcomed implement of my choice. Stalling had become a bad habit of hers and the countdown method is how I fixed it. She stalled, I started counting. If I got to five she received five additional swats after the conclusion of her regular spanking. After five if she didn’t obey I started back at one. After earning ten or more extra strikes, typically with the tilt wand on an already well spanked bottom, our stalling problem disappeared quickly.
She turned on her belly and I pulled at the top on her panties sliding them down reviling her pale white twin globes. She didn’t resist. She even lifted her hips to assisting me with sliding them down.
I began slapping her butt with moderate spanks as I spoke reassuringly to her. “We are not quitting DD. It is a part of us now. I am your leader. You will obey me. When you slip up your bottom will be thoroughly spanked. Is that understood Savannah?”
“Yes Sir,” she whined.
I spanked her sit spots repeatedly until her bottom was a nice pink and it starting stinging enough that she started to squirm.
"That my girl," I said while rubbing her bottom. I slipped my finger in her slit and she was wet. I continued exploring her creases with my fingers while I spoke to her softly. "DD is a part of us now. A secret between you and me. It works for us. That is all that matters," I continued as I slipped a finger inside of her.
Savannah arched her back and moaned while she began moving her bottom up and down while my finger slipped in and out of her.
"Oh no, slow down little one. We aren't done spanking this gorgeous booty yet," I said applying a sharp slap to her right cheek as I moved to the edge of the bed.  "Now climb over here. I want that little butt over my knee."

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