Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Savannah Unplugged

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Happy hump day everyone :)-

I missed the dead line for WIP it Wednesday:/ But I promised a post about my new short storyso true to my word.. here is the blurb:)

Savannah Unplugged
         This couldn’t be happening. My bag was almost completely packed. I was almost ready to walk out the door and then … my phone chirped. I picked it up, a text from Hilton,

 “whatcha up to?”  

No big deal, right, except the fact that I was supposedly on restriction for an incident that happened last weekend with my keys. I sort of left them in the front door. Yeah! Not good:/ Just my luck Hilton found them and flew off the handle.

Safety was one of his biggest rules and I had risked my entire families safety by leaving the house essentially open to intruders, plus the keys to our vehicles out in the open.

It wasn’t the first time I had made such a silly mistake either, so in addition to a pretty intense spanking he grounded me for the first time ever. No phone, no TV, no electronics and no leaving the house unless it was first approved by him for an entire week!

              Today I was leaving to meet and spend the night with my friend Dakota. She was in from out of town for just a few days and we had been planning this get together for a long time. Hilton never said I couldn’t go anymore and I didn’t ask him because I didn’t want to risk him saying no. So, my plan was to just sneak out of the house while he was still at work and deal with the consequences the next day when I got home.

That was my plan, but now he wanted to know what I was doing. I knew the consequences of lying to him but I really wanted to go.

I typed “packing” and hit send.

           Want to know the outcome of Savannah’s lapse in better judgement, watch out for “Savannah Unplugged” coming soon! 


  1. Hi Lillyanna, Savannah's way of treating Hilton would cause big trouble in our house. I hope she learns to be better than that. Loved the snippet, thank you for sharing.



  2. Hi Lillyana, ooh, I do want to know the outcome! I guess she did give him a hint by telling him she was packing lol. Congratulations on the new short story!