Wednesday, June 10, 2015



I am pleased to be here again today to share a snippet from my next book "Savannah Rebels" it is the second book in the Savannah series but can also be read alone.

You can get the first book Savannah's Surrender here:

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Savannah Rebel's tells the tale of Hilton and Savannah's first low since they began  practicing domestic discipline.
Hilton was very proud of Savannah's progress.  She very rarely broke any rules and there was hardly ever any need for punishments anymore. So, when Savannah did mess up a little bit he decided to go easy on her and let things slide from time to time.
  Savannah was grateful for the reprieve at first but in time she grew insecure with the loss of tight boundaries. Eventually she became resentful and she began to rebel.
Can Hilton reign Savannah back in?

Will Savannah submit to be led again?
The following is an unedited erotic scene form the book:

I retrieved the baby oil from the bedside table and began massaging her back gently. I felt the tension flow from her body as she allowed herself to relax. Soon my hands moved to her bottom and I began groping her erotically. I rubbed her soft buttocks then her back then returned to her bottom and finally I dipped my fingers down and grazed her nether lips. She raised her pelvis giving me better access and she moaned. Whoa, this wasn’t going to be easy. Touching her this way had me rock hard. Her body slick with oil was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I wanted to stop and fuck her so bad. There was a purpose to all of this though. We were going to work on submission. Sexual submission.  I needed to keep my focus.
 My hands continued to massage Savannah’s bottom. I began testing her limits. I traced her slit and ran my finger up and down her butt crack. When I neared her tight bud she began to tense. I knew she would. I had attempted to touch her there erotically in the past but she was shy and couldn’t let herself relax into it. She always stopped me right away. I wasn’t going to allow her to fight me this time. Her body was mine. I needed to talk her through it. She was going to learn to submit to me, even in this most intimate way.
I gave her a sharp swat to the center of her butt. “Oh no Little One,” I soothed. “You are not going to fight me. I want you to be a good girl and let me touch you as I please. We need to work on your submission. I want it to become a habit for you to readily submit to me. Your submission needn’t be only to punishment,” I spoke to her softly as I continued massaging her back and bottom. “We are going to begin submission exercises unrelated to punishment. I want you to surrender your body to me. One of the biggest acts of submission a woman can give her husband is allowing him to penetrate her ass. I want that from you. Show me you are willing to give that to me,” I said as I eased my fingers closer to her tight ring. She remained still her butt cheeks relaxed. Perfect, exactly what I wanted from her. I tested her further by circling her puckered hole, “Good girl,” I said offering her encouragement. “I’m so proud of you. I promise I will take things slow and won’t push things too fast.” She remained relaxed and open to my touch, allowing me to touch her in a more intimate way than I ever had before.

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  1. Wow Lillyana, erotic and hot! Loved this! Submission isn't only about punishment.


  2. Oh goodness, he mentioned anal sex. ~grins~
    Great excerpt Lillyanna. I love reading about a girls adventure into submission. ☺

  3. Hi Lillyanna, :) WOW!! Hilton sure is helping Savannah down the submission path! Nice snippet! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  4. She has a lot to learn and he's gently leading her - great snippet.

  5. Hi Lillyanna, this sounds so exciting! It seems he knows what he does and says. Hopefully submitting is not a punishment, it should make her happy. Great snippet, thank you for sharing.



  6. Gentle is a good way to go about things. Nice scene. :)

  7. I love massage scenes that turn in to more! Great scene! :-)