Tuesday, June 2, 2015


This is my first time participating in the WIP blog hop but I am pleased to be here today to share a snippit into my next book "Savannah Rebels" it is the second book in the Savannah series but can also be read alone.

You can get the first book Savannah's Surrender here:

Savannah Rebel's tells the tale of Hilton and Savannah's first low since they began  practicing domestic discipline.
Hilton was very proud of Savannah's progress.  She very rarely broke any rules and there was hardly ever any need for punishments anymore. So, when Savannah did mess up a little bit he decided to go easy on her and let things slide from time to time.
  Savannah was grateful for the reprieve at first but in time she grew insecure with the loss of tight boundaries. Eventually she became resentful and she rebelled.
Can Hilton reign Savannah back in?

Will Savannah submit to be led again?
In this scene Savannah lashes out at Hilton and he decides that enough is enough.

  “You know what Hilton just do whatever you want,” I hissed. “I’ve handled our money for years and we never had these issues. Doesn’t seem to matter though. You never listen to me.”  I turned to storm away and he grabbed my arm tight. “I’ve had enough Savannah,” he yelled. “You will not talk to me that way! Do you understand me?” he said as he pulled me over his lap. Before I even knew what was happening he was landing hard swats on my tight covered bottom. “Stop Hilton! Your hurting me,” I cried as I squirmed to get away. I felt his fingers reach for my waist band to bare my bottom I yelled “Nooooo” and fought to stand and he let me go.

 I ran into the bathroom and locked the door before sliding down the wall sobbing uncontrollably. He let me get away. I wasn’t even worth the fight.

 He followed me and tried to open the door. He told me to let him in but I just continued to sob.
In time he forced it open. I looked up at him though my tears to see him staring at me shaking his head. He turned around closed the door and walked away.

 Abandoned, unloved, not worth it, a failure. Those were the thoughts behind my wails.

I couldn’t even understand the feelings I was having myself. I couldn’t ask Hilton to, could I?
 I didn’t want him to let me go. I wanted him to make me stay, even spank my thighs until I stopped fighting like he used to when we first started DD. I wanted him to calmly talk me through the punishment like he sometimes did when I was struggling. I could hear it in my head. “It’s ok Savannah. It’s almost over. Be a good girl and take your spanking. You know you earned it and we will both feel better when it’s over. Only 10 more.  Count them for me. Good girl.”
Instead he let me go, found me sobbing and turned around and walked away. It felt final, like I had broken the last straw. I wondered where he went. I thought maybe he just left. He had left me before. I obviously wasn’t worth staying for.


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  1. Great, intense and emotional scene Lillyana. I can relate to her fighting yet wanting him to make her stay. Definitely want to know what happens next!


  2. So sad. That last line just grips the heart. Nice to meet you.

  3. Hi, Lillyanna ☺
    It's wonderful to have you on Wipitup. I can completely relate to the way Savannah is feeling. I think she should tell him.
    I do hope we'll get to see more of this and that you have enjoyed your first visit with Wipitup.

  4. Hi Lillyanna, what a sad moment for Savannah. 'Abandoned, unloved, not worth it, a failure' is what nobody should have to think, ever. I can understand why she did not want the punishment, but after calming down she hopefully sees that both of them have to work on the relationship. Great scene, I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.



  5. Great scene. Welcome to WIPitup. ;)

  6. Hilton is definitely on my shit list now. Will he redeem himself? Can't wait to find out.