Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WIP it Wednesday: That's enough Little One

I am pleased to be here again today to share a snippet from my next book "Savannah Rebels" it is the second book in the Savannah series but can also be read alone.

You can get the first book Savannah's Surrender here:

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Savannah Rebel's tells the tale of Hilton and Savannah's first low since they began  practicing domestic discipline.

Hilton was very proud of Savannah's progress.  She very rarely broke any rules and there was hardly ever any need for punishments anymore. So, when Savannah did mess up a little bit he decided to go easy on her and let things slide from time to time.

  Savannah was grateful for the reprieve at first but in time she grew insecure with the loss of tight boundaries. Eventually she became resentful and she began to rebel.

Can Hilton reign Savannah back in?

Will Savannah submit to be led again?

The following is an unedited erotic scene form the book:

“That’s enough, Little One,” I said pulling her up by her hair. “I want that naughty ass of yours bent over the end of this bed,” I instructed as I led her, hair still in hand. Once there I pushed her gently and she fell into position. “What a naughty girl you are,” I said warming her bottom with a fresh blanket of spanks.

She was more turned on than I had ever seen her before. I spanked and she raised her bottom to my hand wanting more. I rubbed my long hard shaft over her soaked slit and entered her forcefully. She yelled out, “Oh Hilton, Please.”

“Please what? Baby Girl,” I answered her.

“Please, fuck me,” she moaned.

Teasing her I penetrated her slowly. The pink plug peaked out from between her cheeks. Her channel was so tight with her ass filled. Testing her even more I put pressure on the plug as I fucked her and she moaned loudly. She didn’t resist. “Play with that pussy while I fuck you,” I commanded.

Her hand quickly found her mound and began rubbing furiously. I pulled on the plug and began working it in and out of her tight bud while I penetrated her front slowly with the same rhythm. Soon she shuttered and lay lifeless over the end of the bed while her juices soaked my cock. The plug slid from her bottom to the floor. I left it there. Once her breathing slowed, I grabbed her hair and hammered my shaft into her wet slit forcefully until I exploded myself and then I collapsed over her, all my energy spent.  

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  1. Wow Lillyana, awesome excerpt. Super hot! Think I'll go have a cold shower now :)


  2. Getting spanked with a plug in your rear is exciting, but being taken by your man after the spanking with the plug still in... BLISS!
    Great scene, Lillyanna! Can't wait for more ☺

  3. Hi Lillyanna, wow, love this, thank you for the snippet.



  4. Wow! Talk about sensation overload. Love it. :)

  5. Ohhh! That was such a hot snippet! I can't wait to read more.